Outpatient cancer therapies are restricted

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In the future, outpatient cancer therapies will be restricted

A new decision could make the outpatient treatment of some cancer patients more difficult in the future. Patients with colon or stomach cancer are particularly affected.

Patients with colorectal or gastric cancer affected According to the German Hospital Society (DKG), many cancer patients will be denied the possibility of outpatient treatment in hospitals in the future. "Many thousands of patients, mainly with colon or stomach cancer, are denied the possibility of outpatient treatment by cancer specialists at hospitals," said DKG general manager Georg Baum in a press release.

Harsh step backwards for outpatient care The reason for this assessment lies "in a new decision of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) of hospitals, doctors and clinics". The decision introduced new rules for the outpatient treatment of certain abdominal tumor diseases in clinics and medical practices. It is intended that appropriate treatment teams ensure good care. But the DKG fears restrictions in the area of ​​outpatient treatment and Baum criticizes: "Today's decision of the Federal Joint Committee represents a bitter step backwards for outpatient medical care for legally insured cancer patients."

Treatment of cancer patients not optimal Only a few months ago, the AOK had determined that the therapy of many cancer patients may not be optimal. According to the AOK Rhineland / Hamburg Oncology Report 2013, many cancer patients would not be treated in certified tumor centers, although doctors there have the greatest experience with the disease. In colon cancer, for example, only a third of the patients received treatment in such a center. The report comes to the conclusion that therapy in a certified tumor center can significantly increase the chances of recovery. (ad)

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