Recall: Tchibo calls cooling compresses back

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Risk of skin irritation: Tchibo calls cooling compresses back

The coffee roaster Tchibo calls back hundreds of cooling compresses. The products can cause skin irritation.

Required standards for medical devices not met The coffee and retail group Tchibo announced on Friday a recall campaign for hundreds of cooling compresses. A quality check has established that the cooling compresses with the article numbers 300240 and 300241 do not meet the required standards for medical devices. As the company announced on its website, it cannot be ruled out "that skin irritation or damage may result when using the cooling compress."

Purchase price will be reimbursed. Tchibo urges the affected customers to stop using the compresses and to return the item. The product had been sold in advance at 250 outlets. Buyers will find the item number on the back of the cooling compress and on the packaging. You can either return the item where it was bought or send it back to Tchibo freight collect. The purchase price will be refunded. Customers can obtain further information around the clock on the free service number 00800 433 2 66 88. (ad)

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