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Muscle and skeletal disorders are the most common reason for days off

Back pain remains the most common reason for days off among workers. This was the result of the "BKK Health Report 2013" published on Tuesday, for which the data of almost five million people had been evaluated. Accordingly, the number of back surgeries has increased enormously recently - although at least every third patient subsequently suffers from chronic pain. Accordingly, experts should rethink and think more towards holistic treatment concepts.

BKK health report evaluates data from almost five million people If employees do not show up for work, it is mostly their fault - because according to the current BKK health report "Health on the Move", most days off by members of the company health insurance (BKK) to the account of muscular and skeletal diseases (27 percent). More than half of the cases are back pain, but joint diseases and suffering from muscles and tendons are also common reasons for an absence from work. This can last longer, because even if the employees are absent for less than six weeks in 95 percent of the cases, chronic back problems can quickly lead to longer incapacity for work - which currently applies to around 44 percent of the days lost.

Employees in the postal services particularly often affected According to the BKK umbrella association, the BKK members in the postal services (766 AU days per 100 employed members), but also employees in waste disposal and recycling (646 AU- Days) and employees in metal production and processing (615 AU days). In contrast, the days lost in the information services and data processing (133 AU days), publishing and media (162 AU days) and in the banking and insurance sectors (177 AU days) were comparatively low.

Every third patient suffers from chronic pain after back surgery, but it is questionable from the point of view of the health insurers whether the treatments for muscular and skeletal disorders cannot be optimized - because more and more clinics would carry out more and more spinal surgery, although at least every third After the operation, the patient would suffer from chronic pain, according to the Berlin back specialist Ulf Marnitz told the “dpa”. In addition, according to Andrea Galle, board member of the BKK Verkehrsbauunion (VBU), there would be rising costs, because at the BKK VBU alone around 30% of sickness benefit expenditure would be caused by diseases of the muscular and skeletal system, with a large part of it on diseases of the back would be eliminated.

Strengthening holistic therapy approaches Accordingly, the goal is to increasingly focus on holistic, gentler therapies for back complaints in order to save "costs and suffering": "Because many people with back pain have a true odyssey behind them. They are sent from doctor to doctor, given injections and physical therapies - and yet they suffer from pain again after a short time. What was particularly lacking in chronically ill back patients was a self-contained treatment concept that also took into account the psychosocial consequences of back diseases, which play an important role in recovery, ”said Andrea Galle during the press conference on the“ BKK Health Report 2013 ”.

DAK health report also confirms an increase in back complaints The annual health report of the “DAK” also comes to the conclusion that diseases of the musculoskeletal system in 2012 - as in previous years - were the highest among members with 23.2 percent Had a share in the reported incapacity days (AU days), which even means an increase compared to the previous year (2012: 325.9 AU days per 100 insured / 2011: with 320.7 AU days per 100 insured) . Here too, back pain is at the top of the diseases of the musculoskeletal system, in addition there are, among other things, "other intervertebral disc damage", "internal damage to the knee joint" and "shoulder lesions". (No)

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