Diabetes medicine can cause heart failure

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Medicines for diabetes can increase the risk of heart failure

If seniors with diabetes lose their ability to function and symptoms such as swollen legs and shortness of breath appear, heart failure can be the cause of the symptoms. Some medicines for diabetes increase the risk of heart failure. This is announced by diabetesDE - German Diabetes Aid in Berlin.

Medications to lower blood sugar levels in diabetes can promote heart failure Some medications that lower blood sugar levels increase the risk of heart failure, which currently causes 80 percent of diabetics to die within three years of being diagnosed. diabetesDE recommends that affected medicines be exchanged for other medications.

About 40 percent of type 2 diabetics suffer from a weakened heart that no longer pumps enough blood through the body. The organization recommends paying attention to body weight and nutrition in order to reduce further risks. Ready-to-eat frozen products and cured foods should therefore be avoided, because a quantity of three grams of salt per day should not be exceeded.

"Anyone who changes their lifestyle can reduce their risk by more than half," quotes the organization Katrin Löbbecke, spa director from Bad Mergentheim, in a press release. Löbbecke reports on a US study by the national US Institute for Health and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Accordingly, the combination of a healthier, low-fat and low-salt diet and more exercise, abstaining from nicotine and low alcohol consumption, reducing stress and sufficient sleep is crucial. "In Germany, we must also take this path of focusing even more on prevention, and the offers of the German health resorts can be an important driver. So far, despite all the assertions, diabetes prevention has hardly been an issue in Germany's health programs and medical practices, ”reports Löbbecke. (ag)

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