13 Christstollen food test: half fails

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13 Christmas stollen in the test: real "whisper stollen" rather rare

It takes enough time and the right ingredients to make a real Christmas stollen. This is too expensive for many people and they prefer to use a finished Christmas cake from the supermarket. In order to be sure to get the most delicious from the abundance of offers, the consumer magazine "Guter Rat" tested 13 Christmas stollen. A total of three times the grade "good" or "very good" was awarded, three studs even failed.

Christstollen from bakeries, supermarkets and discounters The jury included the old master Siegfried Heller from Dresden, the food chemist André Bernatzky, the master baker Rudolf Maass and the advice of Matthias Matthias Ohnsmann. A total of 13 pastries from bakeries, supermarkets and discounters were tested.

Real "whispering tunnels" rather rare A really real "whispering stollen" was only found once among the tested products. The original Dresden Christstollen from the Rene Krause bakery really deserved the name, according to the jury. You can order it online at "dresdner-christstollen24.de". Points were deducted only for the dirty floor. "Tastes like marzipan, even though nobody is in it," said old master Heller about this product. The raisins are also evenly distributed over the whole cake, which is a crucial quality criterion. With 12.45 euros plus shipping but not cheap. Not necessarily cheaper (16.99 euros), but with the grade “very good”, the original Dresden organic Christstollen by Dr. Quendt rated. The "wonderfully light brown color", as well as its buttery taste, was praised by Maass and convinced the jury.

Price-performance winner from Emil Reimann If this is too expensive, you can fall back on the original Dresden Christstollen from the Dresden company Emil Reimann. He was the only one to receive the grade “good” and is available from Kaisers for 5.99 euros. "Good advice" recommends him as a "top price-performance product". The smell and the distribution of the raisins were noticed positively by the jury, but it was not enough for the rating "whisper stollen".

Solid midfield for discounters The tunnels of the discounters Netto, Norma, Aldi-Nord and Lidl were rated "three" and landed in the middle of the field and are available for a reasonable 2.89 euros each at 750 grams. The main points of criticism here were the lack of aromas, an improperly worked floor and an uneven distribution of the raisins. According to the test result, the taste was still okay.

Bahlsen and Oebel bring up the rear The Edeka butter stollen has been given a "five" by the "Guter Rat" jury for its unsightly appearance, its slightly fermented, sour smell and its scratchy taste.

Only the butter premium stollen from Bahlsen and the Cologne butter stollen from the confectionery Oebel did even worse and received the grade "six". The testers disliked the greasy coating and the artificial taste of this product. "Looks sterile, life is missing," said Heller. So if you are looking for a delicious Christmas stollen, you should probably dig deeper into your wallet. (fr)

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