Recall: chlorine in natural spring

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Recall: Mineral water contains too much chlorine

Customers who bought "Brandenburger Quell Naturell" mineral water are asked to take the goods back to the retailer. The water has an increased chlorine content. Only goods with batch number 13-323-B, which are in Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt went on sale, and one customer, after drinking the water, found that the content was too high and immediately reported it.

The Brandenburg State Office for the Environment, Health and Consumer Protection does not rule out health damage caused by long-term water consumption, especially in young children. Chlorine is considered to be highly carcinogenic and too high levels of accumulation can lead to dangerous physical stress even in adults, even if only small amounts have been ingested over a longer period of time.

Buyers who return their goods will be reimbursed the purchase price. Chlorine is used, among other things, for water purification and can therefore also be found in drinking water, even if there is no noticeable taste or smell. So far, it has not been possible to determine how chlorine could get into water production. (fr)

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