Most managers are too fat

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German managers suffer from high blood pressure and obesity

Most German managers are overweight. More than one in ten even suffer from obesity. This was the result of an analysis by the Diagnostic Center Fleetinsel Hamburg on behalf of the "Handelsblatt". The overweight also suffer from high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Concerned health status of managers due to overweight The health status of Germany's executives is worrying, as an investigation by the Diagnostic Center Fleetinsel Hamburg showed. According to the study, 58 percent of managers are too fat. Twelve percent of bosses even suffer from obesity. Increased cholesterol levels were also found in 56 percent. Every third person also suffers from high blood pressure, the medical director of the Fleetinsel, Tomas Stein, told the “Handelsblatt”. The diagnostic center had anonymously analyzed 10,000 routine examinations within the past eleven years. 80 percent of them were men and two thirds between the ages of 41 and 60.

As Stein explained, three out of four sufferers did not know that they had high blood pressure. The disease is a risk factor for heart attack and stroke. Overall, however, the risk values ​​have declined somewhat in recent years, but the health status of many managers is still worrying, according to the cardiologist.

Obesity has serious health consequences.Excessive obesity not only increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack, but also for metabolic disorders, diabetes mellitus (type 2), fatty liver, arteriosclerosis, joint problems and breathing difficulties. In addition, there are other health problems that affect the skeleton, which is extremely burdened by the high weight.

In addition, obesity is associated with an increased risk of cancer. Above all, esophageal cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer and pancreatic cancer are among the cancers that are associated with high body weight. The mechanism by which obesity favors cancer has so far been unknown. (ag)

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