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Seminar of the AOK as a prevention program against burnout

Around 600 guests were able to experience a foretaste of the prevention program "Live Balance", which Professor Martin Bohus developed in cooperation with the AOK to prevent psychological stress, in the CongressCentrum in Pforzheim. The mindfulness exercise, in which the participants sat with their eyes closed on the front edge of their chair and concentrated on their breathing, served to focus on the moment.

The psyche is exposed to a lot more stress today. The prevention program "Live Balance" should start nationwide from November to support people in coping with everyday psychological challenges such as stress and pressure in their professional lives. Martin Bohus, professor of psychotherapy and psychosomatics in Heidelberg and Mannheim, developed the exercises together with colleagues from research on the resilience of people (resilience) and psychotherapy research for the health insurance company AOK. "Lebe Balance is the first health program worldwide that combines the findings of these research approaches with the aim of supporting people in meeting themselves and life with care and actively tackling changes," reports Bohus.

"It is about preventing a stress-related illness from occurring in the first place," added Siegmar Nesch, Vice President of the AOK Baden-Württemberg.

While the work used to be more physical, today it is much more intellectual, explains Bohus. Everyday life has become much faster and mentally more demanding. "The rapid increase in mental illnesses such as exhaustion, burnout or depression has now prompted us to offer a tailor-made, scientifically sound and realistic prevention program well in advance of an illness for keeping the psyche healthy," explains Christopher Hermann, CEO of AOK Baden-Württemberg to the background of "Live Balance".

“Live balance” includes mindfulness exercises with a focus on the moment As Bohus explains, the mindfulness exercises of “Live balance” are about experiencing the moment intensively in order to benefit from it in stressful situations. Because stress and worries are always directed towards the past or the future. No stress can be felt at the moment, reports the expert. Anyone who fully focuses on the moment is psychologically stronger.

In addition to mindfulness exercises, “live balance” also includes seminars on personal values, self-care, the analysis of one's own social environment and the implementation of planned changes and the obstacles that have to be mastered. In the last unit of the seven times one and a half hours, the successes should then be assessed and consolidated.

Bohus sees a particular need for self-care. Because the sharpest critic is always yourself, according to the expert. Anyone who has a negative self-image suffers from particularly great stress in stressful situations. Personal values ​​are also an essential part of a balanced psyche. This is how people draw strength when they implement something that is important to them. However, if you do not know your personal values, you need a lot of external recognition and confirmation, for example at work. This type of recognition could easily break away.

According to Bohus, the social environment (work, family and partners, friends, acquaintances and neighbors) also plays an important role in relation to mental health. Studies have shown that this aspect has the greatest impact on life expectancy. (ag)

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