Exercise strengthens the immune system

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Light movement strengthens the immune system

Not only can stress be reduced with sport. The right dosage also helps to strengthen the immune system and thus protects against infectious diseases. Cool air particularly stimulates blood circulation, which in turn increases the body's defenses. Adults develop a cold between two and four times a year.

In the course of our lives, we spend about three years coughing, runny nose and hoarseness. Studies came to the conclusion that the immune system's immune cells are present in the body not only during influenza infections or injuries, but also during sports in a significantly increased number. The quality of the killer cells can be increased by endurance training.

Too much sport is counterproductive
But beware! That doesn't mean that more exercise inevitably leads to a stronger immune system. Competitive athletes have an increased immune system defense immediately after exercise, but this also drops significantly in the recovery phase, which in turn makes the body particularly susceptible to infections.

Too much sport is therefore counterproductive, since minor injuries to the muscle tissue mean that the phagocytes are busy with “repair work” and so there is no capacity to ward off infections.

Particular attention is paid to running. Because if you walk a lot, fast and for a long time, you are at a much higher risk of developing infections of the upper respiratory tract. Nevertheless, regular exercise is an important point for increasing the immune defense. As a result, phagocytes become more functional and react faster to pathogens. This also increases the number of killer cells.

Avoid sports if you have a cold
At the first sign of a cold, sports activities should be stopped. The body should then be spared so that viruses and pathogens cannot take advantage of the body's defensive defenses. Those who are already sick should no longer play sports. However, fresh air should not be avoided. Who can take a little walk. (fr)

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