Every tenth person gets sick on summer vacation

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Sick despite vacation: one in ten Germans affected

One in ten employees got sick during their summer vacation and could not enjoy the sun. People from northern Germany and young holidaymakers were particularly affected. "Younger holidaymakers and people from the north in particular were hit, while the Bavarians were mostly spared in the comparison of countries," said the DAK Health spokesman, Rüdiger Scharf, in Hamburg.

According to the DPA, the health insurance company had commissioned a representative Forsa for this year's holiday report. 1003 people over the age of 18 who had already had their summer vacation were interviewed. Scientists noticed years ago that workers often only get sick when they relax. They suspect that due to the constant overloading of the body, the health problems are only noticed in the leisure phases. The organism then shuts down. 18 percent of 14 to 29 year olds were caught or injured in the summer. This is a top value compared to the other age groups.

Northern Germans often sick on vacation
The remaining respondents between the ages of 30 and over 60 were only affected by six to seven percent. This may be due to an increased risk appetite among younger vacationers, explained Scharf. It was also striking that there were large regional differences. While only five percent got sick during their vacation in Bavaria, 14 percent of those surveyed in northern Germany.

In North Rhine-Westphalia it was seven percent, in Baden-Württemberg ten percent. There were no significant differences in terms of gender. Both were affected equally often. Women with 10 percent and men with 9 percent. Likewise, there are no abnormalities in the comparison between East and West Germany (10 and 9 percent, respectively). Colds were the most common cause with 31 percent. Accidents and falls rank second with 27 percent. Five percent said they had surgery during the summer vacation and another five percent had gastrointestinal infection. Four percent complained about mental health problems, such as depression. Seven percent suffered from the classic holiday illness, sunburn. (fr)

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