Strange wave of diseases kills two people

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70 patients with severe flu symptoms hospitalized

In the Sauerland, a wave of illnesses with flu-like symptoms claimed two lives; a total of 70 people were hospitalized because of the complaints. As the health department of the Soest district announced on Friday, "an accumulation of flu-like illnesses in and around Warstein was reported, some of which are associated with severe pneumonia." At today's press conference, further details on the disease wave should be announced.

The cause of the wave of diseases in Sauerlang is unclear
The Maria Hilf Hospital in Warstein has taken in a total of 70 patients in the past ten days, two of whom did not survive the disease. A 47-year-old and a 53-year-old man have died from the disease, officials said. While the younger patient was said to have suffered from various previous illnesses, the older one was not previously ill, according to initial findings, reports the "Rheinische Post", citing the testimony of the Soester Health Director, Dr. Frank Renken. According to the authorities, the cause of the flu-like complaints is still unclear. However, there is a suspicion of an infectious disease, as some of those affected had direct contact with each other before the onset of symptoms. (fp)

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