Breast cancer: genetic causes rare

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Breast cancer: IKK Südwest relies on thorough education and regular preventive care

The current reporting on the subject of “Preventive breast amputation with a genetic pre-stress” has unsettled numerous women in this country. Many insured persons at IKK Südwest have also sought the advice of their health insurer in the past few days. The IKK primarily focuses on education and regular participation in preventive medical examinations. Very few patients have a genetic predisposition to an increased risk of breast cancer.

In fact, only 5 - 10% of all breast cancer patients suffer from an inherited gene mutation. An indication of this defect can, for example, be frequent cancers in the family. In the event of a high family previous burden, the IKK therefore assumes the costs for a corresponding genetic test. This can be done in one of the fifteen centers for familial breast and ovarian cancer in Germany.

“If a person is found to have a genetic defect, she discusses the next steps with her doctor. Few women, however, decide on the most radical solution, preventive breast amputation. Close medical monitoring is the better option for many patients. In Germany, there is excellent medical care in this area. Of course, the IKK accompanies its insured on their individual path, regardless of how they choose, ”explains Dr. Jörg Loth, managing director
the IKK Südwest.

With around 74,000 new cases per year, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Germany. While some risk factors such as age, diet and lifestyle are known, the causes of an actual outbreak of the disease are still largely unclear. Therefore, all women should have regular visits
Have a doctor tested - the IKK Südwest pays the early diagnosis examination to all insured persons aged 30 and over.

"The sooner the disease is recognized, the higher the chances of recovery and the gentler the treatment methods - if a diagnosis is made at a very early stage, there is often no need for surgery to treat it or surgery can be performed to preserve the breast. That is why we provide our insured with as much information as possible on the subject and rely on information, ”says Dr. Jörg Loth further.

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