No beer on the grill meat: tips for grilling

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Health risk beer when grilling

Temperatures rise and people are drawn outside. What could be nicer than spending time grilling with friends or family. So that this does not become a health risk, beer and alcohol should be kept away from the grill.

It all depends on the ingredients You can now smell the smell of grilled meat, open fire and smoke more and more in the evening. After a long winter break, people are driven outside and to the grill. Grilled meat and vegetables, plus salads and bread, these are the basics of every barbecue evening. But not all ingredients are suitable. Olaf Seidel from the GutGlut e.V. grill team in Rösrath, for example, recommends: "You should only buy meat from a butcher you trust." This is the only way to know exactly where the meat comes from and whether the animal was kept properly. In addition to pork, beef and poultry, ostrich and lamb are also used. Filet is particularly good, says Seidel, whose team won the German Grill and BBQ Championship 2012 in the professional category. Fatter pieces such as neck steaks or spare rips are also suitable. The cookbook author Sebastian Dickhaut from Munich states that these do not dry out so quickly. The marinade is best taken on by the consumer himself, for example in an oil and tomato paste mixture or in an oil and herb sauce. When buying goods that have already been marinated, it is difficult to tell what quality and consistency the meat has. Dickhaut says: "Before I buy ready-marinated meat, I prefer to only use salt and pepper." To achieve a more intense taste, the meat should be marinated overnight. With natural marinades made from garlic, thyme and rosemary, you can even reduce the risk of cancer when grilling.

Care should also be taken not to put the meat directly from the fridge on the grill, but to leave it at room temperature for about 30 minutes. Thick skin explained that it would otherwise take too long to finish. However, chicken must be put on the grill immediately, as pathogens could multiply if it no longer remains chilled. For this reason, it should always be cooked through well. So that the meat does not stick to the grate, it is advisable to rub it with oil beforehand.

Vegetables, tofu or cheese can also be grilled on the grill, according to Dickhaut, anything that does not contain too much water and does not take too long to cook. So Seidel advises, for example, to pack mushrooms, peppers and asparagus with a little butter, salt and sugar in small pieces of aluminum foil and after about 20 minutes to take off the cooked vegetable parcels on the grill. Instead of meat, tofu, cheese or vegetable burgers are increasingly being sizzled on barbecues. Corn cobs are also excellent. The suggestion came from Dickhaut to “put the aubergine, pumpkin or spring onions in oil, season with a little salt, lemon and herbs and then grill”. Andreas Huberti from the German Barbecue Association (GBA) in Eitorf explains that “in addition to grilled vegetables, you can also combine foil potatoes and grilled potato slices with the meat”. Furthermore, green salad, as well as pasta, potato or rice salad are suitable for grilling. However, some ingredients such as mayonnaise or cream can quickly become bad in summer temperatures. Huberti therefore advises: "You can use insulated bowls and cover them with reflective tape." This protects the food from heat for a while. The corresponding food should not be left in the sun for too long. A variety of dips, such as one made from delicious sheep's cheese, go well with baguette, flatbread or white bread, which can be crispy heated on the grill.

Tips from and for grill professionals If you want to grill sausages or thin meat, you can do this directly on the grill, so everything will be cooked faster. In contrast, there is indirect grilling. The grill has a lid and the food is not directly above the coal. The air circulates under the lid and thicker pieces of meat can be cooked. Huberti explained that this system is used for charcoal, gas and electric grills. Thanks to the closed lid, there is less smoke and odor nuisance. It is important for every grill master that the grill is stable and has enough distance to other people, especially children and to flammable materials. This was pointed out by Lothar Beckmann from the Stiftung Warentest. In addition, “only approved lighters should be used”. The food to be grilled should not be put on the grill until the coal has been thoroughly heated.

You can find out when the time has come by holding your palm about 20 centimeters above the embers and slowly counting down from ten. "If you have to pull your hand away at seven, the temperature is optimal," says Seidel. Beckmann further advises that a fire protection blanket or sand for extinguishing should be nearby in case of emergency. Because according to reports from the “Freie Presse” there are around 4,000 barbecue accidents every year, including around 500 with serious injuries.

Do not pour beer onto the meat. It is strongly advised not to use alcohol to ignite the coal or speed up the glowing. This can result in a dangerous flash of flame. It is also a bad idea to pour beer over the meat, as the embers can be churned up and stick to the food. The particles can endanger health. The rising smoke can also cause the formation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are considered carcinogenic. Another danger is to put heavily marinated meat on the grill without an aluminum dish on very high heat, because then fat and marinade can drain and go up in flames. Bitter and pollutants such as PAHs can also be formed. Huberti says: "We want roasted and aromatic substances and no bitter and harmful substances." Seidel further explains that the rust must not hang too low, otherwise the meat will quickly become dry and black. (sb)

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