4500 people on anti noise demo

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People demonstrate against unhealthy noise

According to the organizers, around 4,500 people demonstrated against noise in Mainz. The motto of the demonstration was "Together against noise".

About 4500 people took part in a demonstration against train and aircraft noise in Mainz on Saturday. The demonstrators marched through the city center with whistles and shouted slogans against noise. A spokesman says, "It was certainly not a quiet protest move". However, the demo should only be a prelude to further actions.

Noise makes you sick
Not only is noise annoying and annoying, it also contributes to various diseases. For example, researchers from the University of Bern found out from a study that people who are exposed to heavy aircraft noise also have an increased risk of heart attack. This afternoon the "Traffic Noise Action Alliance" was demonstrating in Mainz. Around 4500 people came to the protests under the motto “Together against noise”. The organizers had planned just as many. According to the organizer, those affected by aircraft and rail noise have joined forces for the first time. Various citizens' initiatives from the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, the Rheingau and the Bavarian Lower Main have announced themselves.

"Day against noise"
The “Day Against Noise” is the occasion of the demonstration, to which the regional board of the Rhineland-Palatinate Greens also called. The "International Noise Awareness Day" has taken place every year since 1995. The activities around this day are designed to raise awareness of noise as an environmental issue. This year it took place on April 24th. The effect of noise on people is proven by expert reports - but it is still played down, underestimated or even ignored. (sb)

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