Heart problems from poor sleep

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Those who sleep poorly often suffer from heart problems

Those who sleep badly in the long term risk heart problems. It is not uncommon for young patients to be admitted to the emergency room with heart stumbling or racing heart because they have beaten too little and badly. So if you want to spare your heart, you should sleep more and, above all, sleep well.

Heart disease due to sleep disorders
Persistent poor sleep damages the heart. Doctors suspect that sleep disorders release more stress hormones, which in turn have a negative effect on the functions of the heart. Not infrequently, this also significantly increases the risk of heart failure. This is reported by the doctor and heart specialist Dr. Norbert Smetak, Federal Chairman of the Federal Association of Resident Cardiologists (BNK) in Munich.

Jürgen F. (43) sleeps little. Constantly circling thoughts about the work troubles him. After a while, Mr. F. got heart problems. Rapid heartbeat, heartache and stumbling were some of these complaints. The cause was quickly identified after an examination by the family doctor: "Not enough sleep".

Cold rooms and regular exercise
To sleep better, the cardiologist recommends moving regularly. This promotes "better sleep hygiene," says Smetak. In addition, it is important to go to bed at the same times as often as possible and to remove potentially disruptive factors from the bedroom. For example, most people consider a bright environment and high room temperatures to be a hindrance to falling asleep and sleeping well.

According to a larger long-term study, people with common sleep disorders develop heart problems three to four times more frequently after eleven years. Those affected had difficulty falling asleep every night and often could not sleep through the night. They also complained of sleeping at least once a week after not feeling rested. Over 54,000 adults in Norway participated in the observational study. (sb)

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