Bras wear out the fabric and make you addicted

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According to a study, bras can "wear out" the breast tissue

The feminist women's movement warned of bras in the 1960s. They only served to display the female breast and had no specific medical meaning. After around 15 years of intensive specialist research, a sports doctor has now confirmed this apparently forgotten position.

"Bras make no sense and are even counterproductive," said the doctor Jean-Denis Rouillon from the University of Franche-Comté in Besançon. The sports doctor published his study results on Wednesday. Over the years, Rouillon had examined and measured around 320 women and evaluated the results obtained. A bra leads to weakness of the connective tissue of the breast, according to the study.

Depending on the bra
If young women start wearing bras as soon as the breast forms a female breast, "the natural suspension of the breast in the woman's body is condemned to inactivity," explains the doctor. As a result, the breast tissue literally empty out of a "hanging breast" often feared by women. As soon as such a situation arises, "the woman becomes dependent on the bra" even though she did not need a bra at all in the origin.

Sportswoman only runs without a bra
The study participants included the well-known 28-year-old runner Capucine Vercellotti. In a small experiment, the athlete got involved in not wearing a sports bra while running. Many women wear bras, especially when doing sports, so as not to have an uncomfortable feeling when running. But: "It didn't hurt after five minutes," reports Vercelotti. Today the situation looks completely different. If she now wears a bra, she feels "not at all comfortable anymore" in her own words. Without a bra, for example, “breathing will be much easier”.

Results have not yet been scientifically confirmed
Rouillon himself does not want to see his study results as the absolute. The findings can only apply "provisionally and not conclusively". After all, his subjects voluntarily took part in the test series and are therefore not considered representative. Since each breast is different, the “internal structure of the breast must be analyzed in individual cases”. For example, if a woman has passed the age of 45 and has given birth to three children, he cannot simply advise that she no longer wear the bra. Young women, on the other hand, could try to do without the bra. (gr)

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