Medicines are becoming more expensive for patients

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Association of pharmacists blames health insurance funds for medication increases

Legally insured persons are strongly asked to checkout in pharmacies. According to the German Pharmacists' Association (DAV), the co-payment for prescription drugs rose an average of ten cents this year across the country. This costs an average of 2.60 euros for a pack of pills. Despite the billions surpluses of the health insurers, statutory insured persons are expected to spend almost two billion euros in 2012 on additional medication payments. Adolf Bauer, President of the Social Association (SoVD), calls on politicians to intervene.

Despite billions of surpluses in the cash register, medicines are becoming more expensive In the past three years, the additional payment for medicines on prescription has increased by 13 percent. Despite the billions' surplus in the coffers, the fee increased by an average of ten cents at the end of October.

According to the Association of Pharmacists (DAV), the number of medicines subject to co-payment has increased by health insurance companies. The pharmacists would only collect the fees for the cash registers. "As medication has become more expensive in the past few years, the amount of the additional payment per pack has also increased," explains Dr. Heinz Weiß, managing director of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Pharmacists Association, opposite the "Ostsee Zeitung". In northeastern Germany, the additional payment rose from an average of EUR 2.44 last year to EUR 2.46 in 2012. According to a projection by the DAV, the total in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania could drop just below the 41.3 million euros of 2011.

Adolf Bauer, President of the Social Association (SoVD), criticized the increase and explained to “Bild”: “Patients are unilaterally burdened.” The “idea of ​​equal funding” should not be jeopardized. That is why politics must act now. (sb)

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