Teachers suffer from college bullying

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Many teachers suffer from bullying by their colleagues. It is well known that teachers are often exposed to considerable psychological pressure, as they constantly face confrontations with their students and their parents. However, a current study by the University of Koblenz-Landau shows that hostility, verbal attacks, exclusion from the college and even physical aggression are also widespread among teachers.

Studies show that teachers have to deal with mental health problems such as burnout syndrome far more frequently than the average population due to the stresses in their profession. Not only rebellious students, but also the repeated conflicts with the parents often cause considerable problems for the teachers. In addition, there is apparently also a lot of bullying within the college. Almost a fifth of the teachers feel harassed and harassed by colleagues. "Teachers are bullied by schoolchildren, parents and colleagues," explained the University of Koblenz-Landau in the middle of the year at the start of the current survey.

Bullying in the form of verbal attacks and physical aggression The scientists around Professor Dr. Reinhold Jäger from the Center for Empirical Educational Research (ZEPF) at the University of Koblenz-Landau asked more than 1,800 teachers about bullying as part of their research. It turned out that the perpetrators are not always sitting in the classrooms, but often also in the staff room. In addition, the bullying is often continued after school on the Internet. Overall, according to the researchers, 17.4 percent of teachers felt bullied. In particular, verbal attacks, exclusion from the college and physical aggression were hard on the teachers concerned.

The bigger the school, the higher the risk of bullying. The online survey among teachers also revealed significant differences in bullying, depending on the type of school and the size of the schools. Accordingly, the risk of bullying tends to increase with the size of the school and in the primary level direct bullying is 28 percent more common than in secondary levels I and II. In addition, teachers who have been in the profession feel bullied significantly more often than young teachers . Bullying is a significant psychological burden for those affected and they do not always manage to keep their nerves. Possible reactions described in the online survey include crying, shouting, insulting, insulting, the threat of beatings and physical aggressiveness. However, many are simply stunned by their colleagues' bullying and don't know what to do.

Bullying in the teacher training program thematizing The problem of bullying should, according to the project manager Prof. Dr. Reinhold Jäger are already covered during the teacher training course or the training of teachers in order to prepare the future teachers for the special challenges of their profession. Because "only healthy and well-trained teachers will be able to convey to their students what is relevant in terms of subject, social, methodology and personal development", explained Prof. Jäger at the start of the study in June 2012.

Avoiding bullying in schools However, many teachers are perpetrators and not victims of internal bullying in the college. According to the experts, "targeted training courses and seminars are a possible approach to counter bullying and strengthen the backs of the victims". The school management has a special responsibility, which should also ensure that the teachers are treated appropriately. The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health explains with regard to the breeding ground on which bullying arises: "Wherever personnel development receives little attention, where work is poorly organized, where the working and working atmosphere is bad, bullying can thrive." to avoid bullying among teachers is therefore clear, even if it cannot protect teachers from attacks and hostility from students and parents. In general, more respect in society for the teaching profession seems to be necessary here. After all, the teachers take on a large part of our children's education and should give them the best possible start to the future. (fp)

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