Heavy attack on Charité gynecologists

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Two men beat up a renowned Charité gynecologist in his office and then fled undetected. The police suspect the perpetrators are in the vicinity of a previously treated woman.

Two strangers attacked and beat up a senior gynecologist at the Charité University Hospital in Berlin. The 44-year-old doctor was seriously injured in this violent attack. Initial reports that there may be a link to infant death have been dismissed by investigative authorities.

On Tuesday afternoon, the head gynecologist Dr. Jalid Sehouli seriously injured at the Virchow Clinic of the Charité in the Wedding district of Berlin. Two hitherto unknown perpetrators broke into the doctor's office and immediately began to assault the doctor. The perpetrators used the horse they brought with them and also kicked the gynecologist with their feet. The victim was seriously injured.

No connection with the death of a premature baby
The police have now denied reports that report a possible connection between the death of a premature baby in the Charité. A police spokesman said, "The victim suffered a broken rib, some bruises, and abrasions." When another doctor noticed the raid at 3:45 p.m. and wanted to intervene to help, "it was also attacked by the men and slightly injured as a result". After the crime, the perpetrators were able to escape undetected. The doctor was hospitalized for further treatment.

The police are already investigating at full speed due to the dangerous bodily harm and there are already "some clues that will be followed". The perpetrators could be friends or relatives of a patient who had previously been examined and treated by the doctor. Sehouli is the head of the European Center of Competence for Ovarian Cancer located at the Virchow Clinic and is considered by experts to be an exposed expert in his field.

Dismay and dismay
Berlin Senator for Health Mario Czaja (CDU) was dismayed by the fact. He was "deeply shaken by the deed." The attack "leaves me speechless and I strongly condemn him". On the Charité side, the entire staff council chairman Carsten Becker said that it was frightening that the raid occurred in the clinic and not outside the clinic area ”.

Attacks on rescue workers are more common
According to internal reports, assaults are almost common in the Wedding district. According to the "FAZ", paramedics would refuse to present themselves with a photo and full name. According to newspaper reports, they “had bad experiences with aggressive patients and their family members” so that they would prefer not to be named. The perpetrators have not yet been arrested. (sb)

Image: Gerd Altmann / pixelio.de

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