Private health insurance too expensive for pensioners

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According to a scientific AOK survey, every second pensioner complains about the rising costs of private health insurance.

Private health insurance (PKV) is too expensive for every second pensioner. This was the result of a survey conducted by the Scientific Institute (WIdO) of the general local health insurance funds (AOK). Because the costs are no longer affordable, every second senior changed the PKV tariff in the current and last year or accepted less health care.

According to the study results, retired civil servants are also increasingly in financial distress. One in three retirees surveyed had changed tariffs or increased the cost share in order to reduce the premium payments. According to the AOK survey, a total of "29.2 percent of privately insured people tried to reduce health insurance costs in different ways". For the representative study, 1,000 people who were randomly and privately insured were interviewed at random. At the origin, the two different systems should be compared in terms of costs and benefits. According to the data collection, over half of the respondents (54 percent) called for “the abolition of private health insurance”.

PKV doubts the meaningfulness of the data
The Federal Association of Private Health Insurance (PKV) has doubts about the validity of the study. The published data on the "alleged tariff change and the changed deductibles by no means match the reality in the specific customer care of private insurance companies," said the spokesman for the Federal Association of Insurers, Stefan Reker with the dual system of statutory and private health insurance ".

Left calls for abolition of private health insurance
The party “Die Linke”, however, sees its call for the abolition of the dual health system confirmed and renewed its call for the abolition of private health insurance. Instead, a "citizens' insurance for all" should be installed. "Especially for older people, private health insurance poses a risk of poverty," emphasized Harald Weinberg, left-wing health expert in the German Bundestag. “The fault is in the system: contributions to private health insurance increase in old age, while most retirees receive less income. I receive dozens of emails and letters from people who have made the mistake of switching to private health insurance at some point and now have to spend a large part of their meager retirement benefits on contributions. ”

In recent years, tariff contributions have risen sharply, and numerous providers have already announced this year that they will once again adjust individual tariffs by up to 30 percent. (sb)

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