Pharmacists are increasing pressure on cash registers

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German pharmacy association demands "more fairness" from the health insurance companies

The German Pharmacy Association (DAV) takes a clear position before the negotiations on the 2013 cash discount and demands "more fairness" from the statutory health insurance companies. The DAV fears that the health insurers will base their negotiations on the statutory cash discount for 2011 and 2012 and not on the amount of EUR 1.75 per package previously set by the arbitration board.

Pharmacists threaten cash registers with arbitration board "The relationship between us pharmacists and health insurance companies should be fair and based on partnership," said Fritz Becker, chairman of the German Pharmacists' Association (DAV). "It has to be negotiated from the 'status quo ante' and that is unmistakably 1.75 euros. However, if the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds shows no willingness to agree, then we know our colleagues in solidarity and collectively behind us. ”Becker refers to the cash discount, which was set by law for 2011 and 2012 at 2.05 euros per package, although the arbitration board had previously set 25 cents less. "If the GKV umbrella association sees the starting value for the negotiations differently," one can call the arbitration board very quickly, "Becker warned at the opening of the trade fair for pharmacists" Expopharm "in Munich. The chairman of the DAV expects - if at all - only a small reduction in the package lump sum after it was recently increased by 25 cents.

Pharmacists call for “fair and partnership-based” relationship with health insurers Becker criticizes the behavior of the insurance companies towards pharmacists. “Without the use of pharmacists, not a single cent could be raised from the discount contracts. Instead of appreciating this effort, we are showered with adventurous reminders from some health insurance companies. It is not a partnership approach - on the contrary, "emphasizes Becker.

"What we do not want to put up with is that drugs are contracted again and again that are not available or not available in sufficient quantities." So the confusion with the flu vaccines, which currently affects some federal states, is due to the problems of the cash registers due to tenders. “The responsibility lies clearly with the health insurers. If you want to generate savings in the billions, you have to draw up your contracts neatly and introduce them neatly into the market. "

Becker also criticizes the inappropriate, instructive tone of the health insurance companies, which they would often take when it comes to replacing a non-deliverable drug. Often, pharmacists would not even be paid for this - despite the fact that the service and advice provided. "Something else is called brawling," says Becker. The health insurance companies are literally in control when it comes to the smallest formal errors. This must be stopped by legal regulations. "If there is no solution soon, we must seriously consider sending patients with prescriptions that do not clearly correspond to the clauses of all supply contracts and other agreements to the doctors immediately - or to their respective health insurance companies," warns the chairman of the DAV. (ag)

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Pharmaceutical discounts: pharmacists argue with cash registers

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