Recall: Gluten in Lidl potato snacks

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Gluten despite the inscription "Gluten Free" in potato snacks at Lidl

The discounter supermarket chain "Lidl" warns its customers about eating the potato snacks of the house brand "Crusti Croc" if they suffer from gluten intolerance (celiac disease). The product "Teddy’s HiT" from the manufacturer "Top Snacks GmbH" contained a small amount of gluten in one batch despite the information on the packaging "gluten-free", as the press office of the group announced on Tuesday in Neckarsulm (Heilbronn district).

However, only the products with the best before date 01/2013 and the batch number "LA 203.28A23: 34" are affected by the unwanted proportion of gluten. Those affected, who have already purchased the potato snacks and suffer from gluten intolerance, should not eat the snacks, but should bring them back to the supermarket, as otherwise there is a risk of health problems. There the purchase price will be reimbursed without any problems upon presentation of the receipt.

If gluten is fed with an intolerance, the sufferers suffer from chronic fatigue, diarrhea, stool, weakness, body aches, abdominal pain and other possible symptoms. However, most people tolerate gluten. The company therefore emphasized that all other people can safely eat the potato snacks with the stated best before date, even if they contain gluten. (sb)

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