PKV plans to increase premiums again in 2013

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Experts expect double-digit PKV premium increases

Once again, numerous private health insurance companies will increase their tariff contributions at the end of the year. Despite the favored reforms on the part of the black and yellow federal government, 2012 will also not be a productive year for the private sector. As insiders report in the "Insurance Journal", some private insurance companies have already announced plans to adjust some double-digit tariffs. A tariff is even revised upwards by 65 percent.

New customers in particular are left behind. More and more insured persons who are tempted by cheap new customer offers are left behind. It is precisely these contracts that experience major tariff adjustments every year. While the statutory health insurance companies produced billions in surplus and were able to negotiate good contracts with the clinics, pharmaceutical manufacturers and doctors, the private health insurance companies are often left behind. The demographic change, the rising expenditure side in the health services and the low interest in the age provisions bring the private health insurance more and more into trouble. Although some companies claim to have "stable contributions", most providers will have no choice but to increase the tariffs again at the turn of the year. Because at the present time not an insurance group gives a guarantee for a stable premium, although the calculations for the coming year should already have been completed. It is also surprising that the majority of providers make consistently positive forecasts for life insurance policies, but that private health insurance companies are reluctant to publish them.

In the course of the health care reform, the black and yellow federal government had greatly simplified the change from the legal to the private. This was intended to stimulate the new customer business. Indeed, the industry saw strong growth. The greatest increase was observed in the so-called lock offers. But it is precisely these tariffs that are most expensive. Sven Teuerich, insurance expert from Celle: "Once you have switched from GKV to PKV, the path is blocked forever". With rising tariffs, those affected usually have only the reduction in benefits. "Because if you want to change providers, on the one hand you cannot take the retirement provisions with you and on the other hand you have to undergo a new health check". In most cases, cheaper contracts cannot be concluded. What remains in many cases is only the change to the next cheaper tariff within the provider. But an investigation recently showed that "first-class care" is mostly just "noise and smoke". Because in many cases, many tariffs have massive service gaps and offer less than the statutory health insurance companies. There is often the question of where to save?

Older private insured people can hardly pay contributions anymore. But it is not only the new customers who are often neglected. Last year, especially the older customers were left behind. Here, the contributions from various providers often increased by 10 to 20 percent. Those who then only have a low pension quickly slip into poverty because, unlike with statutory health insurance, the contributions are based not on income but on the tariff. It is not uncommon for senior citizens with private insurance to spend one to two thirds of their income on private health insurance. So it is no wonder that the PKV itself complains that more and more insured persons cannot pay their contributions. There is already a model for them called “non-payers”. Then only acute emergency care will be financed. A situation that affects not a few people.

Price increases of up to 65 percent And this year, too, the price screw will be turned vigorously at many companies. For example, some experts indicate that, for example, Hallesche health insurance plans to increase premiums by a whopping 65 percent (child and youth tariff NK4). In addition, the Central will probably also increase its premiums. So far, it is said, the increases should remain in the single-digit range. In addition, the deductibles should be adjusted upwards. It is not for nothing that criticism of private health insurance is growing. (sb)

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