Helios clinics: staff strike on Tuesday

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Collective bargaining dispute at the Helios clinics - strike on Tuesday

For years, the hospital staff has been complaining about insufficient remuneration. Restructuring in the hospital sector is also always the cause of strikes and demonstrations. At the Helios clinics in Schwerin and Leezen, around 200 service employees are expected to stop working tomorrow.

One of the reasons for the strike at Helios Kliniken is the planned restructuring of the service company Helios Service Nord GmbH (HSN). The existing company is to be divided into five smaller companies from September 1st. The staff's consequences for remuneration. The Verdi trade union is therefore calling for a collective bargaining agreement for around 650 service employees in the kitchen, cleaning, storage, pick-up and delivery service.

"In the collective bargaining dispute at the HSN, the trade unions Verdi and IG Bau again called on the workers in Schwerin and Leezen for a full-day warning strike on Tuesday, August 07," according to Verdi's latest announcement. Around 200 employees from Helios Clinics are expected to attend a rally at the main train station in Schwerin on Tuesday morning. The workers temporarily stop working and demonstrate to take their interests into account in the planned restructuring of the HSN, Verdi reported on Monday.

The service employees of Helios Kliniken Schwerin and Leezen had already gone on strike last week in order to reach a collective bargaining agreement for the planned changes. The wages of the 650 service employees should not only be guaranteed, but the hospital staff also demanded a significant improvement in wages. With the all-day warning strike, the employees hope to increase the pressure on those responsible at Helios Kliniken Schwerin and Leezen to act.

Poverty wages for service staff at Helios clinics? The unions are massively criticizing the current behavior of the Helios clinics. "Instead of sitting around the table with us for collective bargaining, Helios has only one answer: split structures and outsource employees," criticized Verdi spokeswoman Diana Markiwitz. The planned restructuring will smash the workforce; the structure downsized; Collective bargaining and employee participation continue to be difficult, the Verdi spokeswoman continues. On the first day of the warning strike at the end of July, around 150 employees had already given a very clear signal of what they thought of Helios' refusal to act. The Fresenius Group - owner of Helios Kliniken - wants to “serve” its shareholders with a total dividend payment from the financial year 2011 of around 155 million euros and at the same time “accepts that employees in service companies at Helios pay poverty wages of, for example, € 6.39 or € 6.90 work in Schwerin, "Verdi criticized in the current message. (fp)

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