Medicines that are exempt from co-payments

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VDK provides current list

The Social Association Germany VdK has published a list of medicinal products that are exempt from co-payments. Especially people with low incomes or chronic illnesses rely on inexpensive generics instead of expensive preparations. The German Pharmaceutical Supply Efficiency Act (AVWG) ensured that instead of overpriced medicines, active ingredient-identical alternatives can be prescribed. These are also called generics in specialist circles.

There are no additional payments for certain generics. This applies to all insured persons of the statutory health insurers, regardless of the insured person's income. The list is continuously updated by the social association. The mode for this is two weeks.

In the list, the drugs are sorted alphabetically by the first letter. In order to search the PDF document after opening it, the key combination "Ctrl and F" can be pressed. Then a window opens in which the drug can be searched. Co-payment-free medicinal products are sorted according to medicinal product title in accordance with Section 31 Paragraph 3 Sentence 4 SGB V. (sb)

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