Berlin fire department again without patient bill

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Patients no longer receive a bill after emergency care by the fire service

This week, the dispute between the Berlin fire department and the health insurance companies reached its climax. Anyone who was brought to the hospital as an emergency patient with the ambulance received an invoice. Now the fire brigade and the insurance companies have agreed on an interim solution, according to which the parties will once again settle directly.

Solution in the interest of Berlin patients In future, Berlin emergency patients will no longer receive an invoice after they have been driven to the hospital by ambulance. This is the result of the negotiations between the health insurance companies, Berlin's State Secretary Bernd Krömer and representatives of the Berlin fire department. According to this, the fire brigade and the health insurance companies are billing each other directly. However, the last word has not yet been spoken, because the regulation is only an interim agreement. Since last Sunday, legally insured patients have received an invoice for emergency operations from the Berlin fire department. You should then get these reimbursed from your health insurance.

The exact amount of the fees remained unresolved in the negotiations. In the opinion of both parties, this is also not to be expected for the time being. “The return to the proven billing process is a patient-friendly and social solution. That is in the interests of those affected, "commented Interior Senator Frank Henkel (CDU) about the interim solution. Health Senator Mario Czaja (CDU) sees the agreement as an important signal in the interests of the patients." I hope that the fire brigade and health insurers will be able to get together as soon as possible agree on the question of the level of fees and the dispute will be finally settled, "said the health senator. The dispute between the fire brigade and health insurers should not be carried out on the back of the Berliners. "Emergency patients - including many elderly, sick and disabled people - should not be worried when they call the ambulance in a medical emergency," said Czaja.

Despite the interim solution, no end to the dispute in sight. "The health insurance companies consider the transitional agreement to be the first compromise and good news for the patients," Dorothee Binder-Pinkepank, spokeswoman for the Berlin-Brandenburg replacement insurance association (vdek) told the Ärzte Zeitung. Negotiations continue. "There are still different legal opinions, but the dispute is no longer carried out on the backs of third parties," said Binder-Pinkepank.

Emergency patients do not have to pay the Berlin fire department's bill. It was agreed that the health insurance companies would pay for the amounts if the patient did not pay the money within the payment period, the Senate administration said. (ag)

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