Men value career more than women

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Careers are more important for men than for women

On behalf of the health portal, the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK) surveyed more than 1,000 professionals about their career ideas. It was shown that men place much more value on their careers than women.

Professional success appears to be significantly more important than women, according to the results of the representative survey. More than half of the men surveyed, however, only a good third of women stated that their career is "very important" to them. However, it is often not the own ego but the financial necessity that drives this obsession with careers.

On behalf of, GfK Marktforschung interviewed 1,040 professionals over the age of 14 about their career plans - 586 men and 454 women. 50.5 percent of the men surveyed said that their career was "very important", whereas only 35.5 percent of women attached similar importance to professional success. However, 39.9 percent of men also said that they only work because of financial necessity and would actually rather do without the daily commute. Personal life is therefore generally more important to them, but the financial requirements lead to a stronger weighting of the career. The same applies to 38.4 percent of working women. (fp)

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