Bubble tea contains more sugar than cola

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Trend drink bubble tea contains almost three times as much sugar as cola

A large mug of bubble tea contains up to 30 pieces of sugar cubes, as Stiftung Warentest recently explained. The new trend drink even surpasses the unhealthy cola. Nevertheless, bubble tea is becoming increasingly popular among young people and children. After fast food giant McDonald’s also entered the tea business, nothing stands in the way of the spread of bubble tea. However, nutrition experts were aware of the health risks with regular consumption.

Bubble Tea is the trend drink of the summer
McDonald’s sells the calorie bomb in the 850 German branches of his McCafé. The trend drink has long since reached the province. Bubble Tea consists of a mixture of tea, milk and fruit syrup as well as the characteristic colorful jelly balls made from cassava starch. It is they who seem to make the drink kick. The youngsters suck them in through a large straw. Some varieties burst in the mouth. "Young people think it's just cool," explains the Taiwanese Chitai, who sells the trendy drink from his home in Berlin. “This is youth culture lived here. Everyone wants to be part of it. ”While the youth can hardly escape the colorful drink, the older people rarely end up in Chitai's shop. "They only come with their children or grandchildren."

Many adults feel put off by the already unhealthy looking, brightly colored drink. In addition to a lot of sugar, bubble tea also contains coloring and artificial flavors, acidulants and preservatives. Doctors, consumer advocates and health insurance companies have regularly warned of consumption since its market launch. Small children could also suffocate from the balls or get pneumonia if the jelly balls accidentally get into the lungs when swallowed, the doctors say. The professional association of pediatricians in Germany therefore demands appropriate warnings on the cups of the manufacturers.

The new favorite drink of many young people is also very high in calories. Consumer advocates have determined 300 to 500 calories for a mug of bubble tea with 300 milliliters. This corresponds to up to three times the amount of cola. When examining Stiftung Warentest, it was found that a large beaker contains up to 30 pieces of sugar cubes. Nutrition experts warn of frequent consumption. This increases the risk of obesity and obesity. This can lead to diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

Youngsters set themselves apart from their parents with bubble tea The new trend drink for young people is in complete contrast to the "eco and health lifestyle of many parents". Perhaps it is precisely this fact that makes the drink so popular. Nevertheless: "Bubble Tea is a calorie bomb including synthetic colors and flavors," say the testers. They looked at four varieties of BoboQ and Boobuk bubble tea that may be related to hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder (ADHD) in children.

Trend researcher Peter Wippermann also sees the success of the drink among young people as a differentiation from parents. “The emphasized playfulness and childishness are self-pampering for the young people. You finally have a place where no adult can be seen. ”That is the mystical power of bubble tea. Other market researchers see the bubble drink only as a temporary phenomenon. "Now bubble tea is still new and therefore very popular," says Jochen Stade. In a few years, however, that could "look completely different", the expert points out.

Wippermann is critical of the fact that McDonald's has now also entered the tea business and is trying to establish the drink among adults: "Bringing bubble tea into the adult culture is a time bomb." decisive purchase argument - the demarcation from the parents - no longer exist. Wippermann is certain: "Bubble Tea will be the summer drink of 2012 throughout Germany." According to company spokesman Nicolas von Sobbe, the sale of bubble tea has got off to a good start at McDonald’s. (ag)

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