Hartz IV recipients more often chronically ill

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Unemployed people more affected by chronic diseases

Hartz IV recipients are more often affected by chronic diseases and health disorders than people who are in gainful employment. This follows from the answer (17/9860) to a small question from the Alliance 90 / The Greens faction to the Federal Government. The federal government said that the data come from analyzes of patient data from the statutory health insurance companies and from the representative “Health Surveys” of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). According to the report, unemployed people are primarily affected by depression and sleep disorders.

However, the Federal Government acknowledged in its response that unemployed people take part in primary preventive seminars and courses at the health insurance fund relatively less than those in employment. In addition, the Federal Ministry of Health would often promote initiatives and approaches "to strengthen health" among Hartz IV recipients. "These are rightly located at the Federal Center for Health Education, the social service providers and their associations." According to the black and yellow coalition, further measures for the wellbeing of the unemployed are therefore not necessary.

Last year, the Federal Employment Agency stated that around 330,000 people with Hartz IV benefits are considered to be permanently ill and are therefore only available to a limited extent on the labor market. In a study report on “Illness and Hartz IV”, the IGES Institute formulated that “unemployment leads to stress of its own kind”. According to this, a disproportionately large number of unemployed people suffer from mental illnesses. Due to inadequate nutrition, many sufferers also suffer from metabolic diseases such as type II diabetes. (Bs)

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