What to do if women forget the pill?

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Forgot Pill - What Now?

The birth control pill is one of the safest and most popular contraceptives. However, their effectiveness is based on regular intake. The Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) in Cologne explains what happens if the pill is forgotten and how women can still protect themselves from pregnancy.

Pill should be taken within twelve hours If a woman forgets to take the pill, there is no need to panic at first. As the BZgA explains, contraceptive protection largely depends on when the intake was suspended. According to the BZgA, women who take a combination pill that contains both the hormone estrogen and progestin and forget it once can take it within twelve hours. However, if a mini pill is forgotten, affected women should seek advice from their doctor.

In the event that a combination pill is forgotten more than twelve hours ago, the next steps should be based on the week in question. If, for example, you forget to take it in the first week, it is advisable to continue taking it as soon as possible, but also to use a condom during sexual intercourse for the next seven days. However, the BZgA points out on its familienplanung.de internet portal that women who had sexual intercourse in the week before the forgotten could possibly have become pregnant.

If you forget to take the pill in the second week, it would be sufficient to take the pill as soon as possible. However, if a woman forgets to take it several times, she is no longer adequately protected against conception, according to the BZgA.

Germans play it safe with pill and condom As the BZgA announced last year at the first German Contraception Congress in Wiesbaden, most Germans would play it safe with contraception. According to this, around 53 percent of sexually active adults use the pill and around 37 percent use condoms for contraception.

76 percent of Germans between the ages of 18 and 49 would prevent sex, explained Elisabeth Pott, director of the BZgA, referring to the results of a recent study. Only 16 percent of those questioned did not use contraceptive measures. The contraceptive pill and condoms are still the most popular contraceptives, with double use of the two contraceptives often occurring, says Elisabeth Pott. (ag)

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