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New dangerous slimming products from China - "Super-Slim" has serious side effects

"Super Slim" is prohibited in Germany. The dangerous slimming pills contain the harmful sibutramine and carcinogenic phenolphthalein. The Rhineland-Palatinate State Investigation Office urges against the capsules originating from China. Many people order the diet remedies on the Internet and are therefore exposed to considerable health risks.

"Super-Slim" is not a harmless natural product The slimming craze of the western world is played by manufacturers of slimming pills and slimming products. Since the market is very confusing, dubious providers of sometimes dangerous products are often on the Internet. The Rhineland-Palatinate customs recently intercepted "Super Slim" pills, in which the State Examination Office has proven the harmful medicinal substance sibutramine and carcinogenic phenolphthalein, which is prohibited in Germany. The authority announced on Tuesday.

Sibutramine was previously reported to be used against obesity. Today, however, the drug is prohibited due to the strong side effects. In combination with psychotropic drugs, it can even lead to death. On the packaging of the product, which comes from China, characters and red fruits are depicted, which are intended to trick the consumer into thinking that it is a natural product. The authority expressly points out that "super slim" is not a harmless natural product. It is an unapproved drug that is prohibited in Germany. The trade in "super slim" is a criminal offense under the Medicines Act that can be punished.

Again and again dangerous and illegal slimming products on the market. There are alleged slimming pills appearing on the internet, which are supposed to help you achieve a dream figure without much effort. As a rule, the articles are advertised as pure natural products without side effects. In the case of the “Reduce weight Fruta Planta” slimming pills, which the Rhineland-Palatinate State Investigation Office warned of a year ago, the manufacturer advertised its product with natural ingredients, but the active ingredient contained in it, similar to “super-slim” sibutramine, remained silent. The authority reports that consumers face massive side effects, such as high blood pressure or heart disease. The Rhineland-Palatinate State Investigation Office strongly advises against buying such products on the Internet. (ag)

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