Recall for Dr. Oetker chopped hazelnuts

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Recall for chopped hazelnuts from Dr. Oetker

Dr. Started in January 2013. The crushed hazelnuts from Dr.'s baking ingredient range Oetker could contain metal threads that have been processed due to a faulty raw material delivery, reports the news agency about the recall campaign of the Bielefeld company.

Possibly contamination with metal threads According to media reports, Dr. Oetker started a recall campaign as a precaution on Saturday due to the contamination with metal threads for the packets with chopped hazelnuts that may be affected. Accordingly, the “Dr. Oetker Hazelnuts chopped 100g "with the European Article Number (EAN) 4 000521 007188 and the printed batch number 01.13-L002 or 01.13-L003, shelf life until January 2013. The reason for the contamination of the products with metal threads was allegedly a faulty raw material delivery. On the website of Dr. So far, however, no information has been found on Oetker's current recall campaign. To avoid possible health risks, consumers should refrain from eating the chopped hazelnuts as a precaution and return the corresponding products to the store for a refund of the price. (fp)

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