Naturopathy: 7th Ayurveda Congress

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Seventh Ayurveda Congress in the Yoga Vidya seminar house in Horn-Bad Meinberg

From March 2nd, 2012 the 7th Ayurveda Congress will take place in Horn-Bad Meinberg in the Teutoburg Forest. Registrations for this are now possible.
The Ayurveda Congress, which is taking place for the seventh time, is aimed at both specialists and laypeople who are interested in the scientific foundations and relaxing effects of the holistic healing system. There are new considerations, such as Ayurvedic knowledge, which is now also recognized in psychotherapy.

The Indian science of healthy living has meanwhile found its way into many German households. Type-appropriate nutrition and knowledge about medicinal herbs and plants is becoming increasingly important in a health system that looks at the whole person. At the congress new impulses for the integration of science into everyday life will be given. Experts like Dr. Ellis Huber from securvita BKK with renowned Ayurveda doctors about how the role of traditional medicine can be strengthened in Europe.

Particular attention is paid to practical relevance at the Ayurveda Congress. Visitors can get active themselves or let themselves be pampered in the Ayurveda oasis of Yoga Vidya and thus experience the relaxing effects of Ayurveda. Topic-specific Ayurveda lessons and guided meditations offer beginners and curious people an interesting insight into the different directions and practices. Professional teachers also receive valuable suggestions, new knowledge and inspiring ideas and can already look forward to meeting interesting people. Registration and further information can be found here. (pm)

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