Naturopathic practice Jürgen Möthrath

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Jürgen Möthrath naturopathic practice: My practice specializes in various forms of acupuncture, especially traditional Chinese (body) acupuncture, bio- and magnetic resonance therapies as well as naturopathic healing methods with the aim of maintaining health and relieving acute and chronic complaints. The naturopathic treatments I use are in particular: - acupuncture (body and ear) - iris diagnosis - leech therapy - electro acupuncture according to Dr. Full - Chinese medicinal mushrooms - Complex homeopathy - Bioresonance therapy - Autologous blood application - Spine therapy according to Dorn - Elimination and detoxification procedures - Reiki applications You can download a flyer with practical information on my homepage.

Naturopathic practice Jürgen Möthrath
Martinusstrasse 43
41564 Kaarst
Tel: 02131-7390081
Mail: [email protected]

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