Poisoning is a major threat to children

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Do not induce vomiting when poisoning children

Accidental poisoning of young children in the household is not uncommon. Numerous children suffer severe poisoning every year through the use of caustic or poisonous substances such as pipe cleaners, lighters, detergents or detergents. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) therefore provides important help in its Turkish brochure "Risk of poisoning accidents in children" to prevent such poisoning and to react correctly in an emergency.

Again and again, small children get severe poisoning from detergents, drain cleaners, grill lighters or similar liquids. As the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment warns in its brochure "Risk of poisoning accidents in children", the affected children must not be brought to vomiting in order to remove the poison from the organism as quickly as possible. According to the BfR, there may be “serious health consequences” from such immediate measures.

According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, poisoning accidents in children must always be “professionally assessed and treated individually depending on the dose.” Rapid action is urgently required in the event of poisoning the child, but according to the experts, interventions such as triggering the nausea are necessary to give up urgently. If a child has accidentally ingested caustic or toxic substances, those affected should immediately remove the remains from the mouth, as shown in the BfR brochure. The emergency services (emergency call 112) must also be alerted and, for example, children should drink tea, water or juice as quickly as possible in the event of poisoning by drain cleaners, the BfR experts explain.

Brochure on the risk of poisoning accidents in children After last year a particularly severe burn of a nearly three-year-old Turkish girl was reported to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment that she accidentally drank “nitric acid-containing cleaning agent imported from Turkey”, the BfR decided on its brochure “Risk of poisoning accidents for children ”can also be translated into Turkish. This brochure has now been completed in cooperation with the Berlin Gift Emergency Service and the Federal Working Group "More Safety for Children" and is now available from the BfR via the press office in Berlin, (phone: 030/184 12 48 77, fax: 030/184 12 49 70 , E-Mail:) available in both German and Turkish. The brochure shows, among other things, what parents should do first in the event of an imminent poisoning of their child, but also how best to store toxic substances so that they do not get into the hands of the children.

In addition, the telephone numbers of the German poison information centers and other emergency numbers as well as "leaflets for dealing with poisoning in children" are included. So the unfortunate poisoning of the little Turkish girl has sadly achieved a far-reaching effect. Because it was not only the reason for the translation of the BfR brochure, but according to the BfR it also led to the Federal Institute enforcing an EU-wide ban on nitric acid in consumer products together with "the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) and the responsible ministries" Has.

Numerous poisonings would be avoidable The BfR brochure takes into account various forms of poisoning, such as from chemical products, toys, medicines, plants and mushrooms. According to the BfR experts, the majority of poisoning accidents in Germany would be avoidable, "provided parents, other relatives, childminders, educators, teachers are adequately informed about the risks." If poisoning does occur, "the trigger must be." Product must be ensured ”, since the information on the packaging can provide the rescue workers with valuable information on treatment, the BfR continues. Experts may also find that a photo of plants and mushrooms can be helpful for the rescue workers. However, according to the BfR, rash aid measures such as the triggering of the nausea in the children affected or the administration of milk as a supposed antidote should be avoided. (fp)

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