Impending circulatory collapse in parked cars

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Auto Club warns: Parked cars are a deadly heat trap

During summer, the car can quickly become a heat trap and cause circulatory collapse in children or animals, the ADAC warns. Already after 15 minutes, the conditions heat up in a closed car due to the sun's rays in such a way that there is a risk of considerable health impairments.

Circulatory complaints due to overheating Therefore "children, seniors and animals in need of help should not be left alone in the car at the moment - not even during the short jump in the bank or supermarket," explained the ADAC. As the automobile club said, the surfaces in the car quickly reach temperatures of over 60 degrees Celsius in direct sunlight, and staying in the interior becomes a serious challenge for the constitution. After just 15 minutes, weakened people, children and animals are at risk of serious circulatory complaints up to a circulatory collapse. Passers-by are therefore encouraged to intervene and the police are authorized to open the car by force due to the threat to human or animal health, according to the ADAC. According to the automobile club, vehicle owners may even have to face criminal proceedings in court.

Park cars in the shade
If people or animals have to be left in the car for a short time for important reasons (e.g. medical emergency), it is best not to park them in the sun, but in the shade or partial shade. In addition, the surfaces in the car can be covered with cloths so that they heat up less, the ADAC explained. There is also the option of opening the windows slightly to ensure air circulation in the interior. However, even if all precautionary measures are followed, small children should never be left unattended in the car. Even with animals and slightly older adolescents, this can only be justified by urgently needed occasions. As a rule, the ADAC warning applies that children and animals should never be left “parked” for a short time in summer.

Be careful when using the air conditioner excessively
In addition to overheating the interior, the excessive use of the air conditioning system can also cause health problems, explains the ADAC. The automobile club warned that the interior would cool down too much in summer when the outside temperatures "threaten colds and circulatory problems". The temperature difference between inside and outside temperature should therefore not be higher than six degrees, the ADAC continues. Overall, according to the experts, depending on the individual's perception of temperature, temperatures in the range between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius are ideal. (fp)

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