Alternative practitioner Rosemarie Rüffer

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In my practice I work with classic homeopathy and other naturopathic treatments. My patients include children and adults, people in transition phases such as puberty or menopause. Classic homeopathy can be used to treat chronic diseases such as allergies or neurodermatitis, migraines, sleep disorders and depressive moods, as well as acute colds. I offer nutritional advice with weight loss. I regularly attend training events and monthly supervision. Lectures in pharmacies and the VHS on the subject of classic homeopathy, Schüßler salts and menopause give interested people the opportunity to get to know me without obligation. I am looking forward to your call.

Naturopathic practice Rosemarie Rüffer
Düsseldorfer Str. 14
Mettmann 40822
Tel: 02104 144433
Mail: [email protected]

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