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Stiftung Warentest: Best cheap sunscreens

The Stiftung Warentest tested various sunscreens, sun creams and gels at the beginning of the summer holiday season. The result, as in previous years, was that healthy and protective sun protection doesn't have to be expensive. On the contrary, the cheapest products sometimes performed best in the investigations.

The summer and with it the time of the sun is approaching. Most families have already booked their vacation and the first are starting to put together the first aid kit. Of course, a high-quality sunscreen cream should not be missing on vacation. Most people assume that "expensive" also means "good". But this is a fallacy that puts a strain on your wallet, but does not protect the skin. On the contrary, some expensive products were even harmful to health. Good sun protection does not have to be expensive, because when the Stiftung Warentest was examined, these products sometimes ended up in the back seats and did not even deliver the promised effects.

26 sunscreens tested
In total, the Stiftung Warentest had 26 sunscreens with a medium sun protection factor tested. Each product had a sun protection factor of at least 20. Overall, the results were pleasing on average. However, some products had to be rated "poor". The sun protection factor was not sufficient for four sun creams. According to the product testers, the values ​​here fell below the specified values ​​by more than 20 percent. It is annoying when you as a consumer rely on the advertised sun protection factor and enjoy sunbathing accordingly. However, since the specification of the protection factor must be strictly adhered to so that consumers do not suffer from acute sunburn that is dangerous to their health, the product "Clarins Sun Care Soothing Cream" was rated "poor".

Only a few sunscreens were waterproof
A second important criterion on a beach holiday is the water resistance of the cream. All tested manufacturers stated on the product information that there is water resistance. Although the manufacturing requirements for the manufacturer are relatively low, only 8 out of 20 funds could meet the minimum requirements.

Wrong advertising promises on the packaging are dangerous to health Some advertising promises on the products could even pose a serious risk to health. So a manufacturer promised that a single application would protect the whole day. This is extremely negligent and nobody should trust it, warns the dermatologist Rose. "If you want to protect yourself adequately from the harmful UV radiation, you have to lubricate yourself with a highly effective sunscreen at least every 2 hours."

The testers at Stiftung Warentest were surprised by the price structure of individual products in the context of their effectiveness. The test winner was an inexpensive sunscreen. For one, the Rossmann sunscreen was able to convince with the brand name "Sun Ozone" for 1.50 euros per 100 milliliters. The more expensive Nivea cream also performed very well. The transparent spray called "Nivea Sunn Light Feeling" also received a "very good". The sunscreen from the drugstore chain “dm” also performed well. This product is not only effective, but also very cheap with two euros per 100 ml. The most expensive product Lancaster Sun Sport Fast Dry sun protection gel for 36 euros per 100 milliliters scored the worst of all the products reviewed and only received the grade “satisfactory”.

Fragrances and hormones
In addition to Stiftung Warentest, Ökotest also regularly checks manufacturers' sun creams. Last year it was noticed that many product manufacturers use mineral filter substances. Experts suspect that these substances have a similar effect to hormones. It is only in 2013 that producers are obliged to include this substance in the ingredients. The fragrances contained in Ökotest are also considered to be of concern. These could be allergenic and thus cause skin irritation in sensitive people. Therefore, consumers should switch to natural cosmetics if possible, since the corresponding ingredients and active ingredients are not included. A current test for this year is still pending from Ökotest. (sb)

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