Is the Michael Jackson Process Shifting?

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The trial of Michael Jackson's former personal doctor could be postponed again

Again the case against the cardiologist and personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray of the late superstar Michael Jackson made another delay. Murry lawyers have again requested that the trial day be postponed because they would need more time to prepare for the trial. The actual start of the process was scheduled for next Monday, May 9th. Trial observers suspect that by calling two new witnesses who want to testify against the doctor, lawyers need more time to invalidate the statements. The witnesses were appointed by the public prosecutor.

Hearing decides on process postponement
It is unclear whether the process will be postponed again. First, the presiding judge, Michael Pastors, scheduled a hearing on Monday, May 2, to rule on the lawyers' request at the relevant Los Angeles court. Both sides will put forward arguments. The public prosecutor sees no sufficient reason to delay the start again.

Personal physician must answer for negligent homicide
The former personal doctor is currently responsible for the negligent killing of pop icon Michael Jackson. If the conviction is convicted, the doctor can face a prison sentence of up to four years. Disqualification is also available. The process has already been postponed from March 28th to May 9th.

Michael Jackson died in June 2009 at the age of 50. The prosecutor accuses the doctor of giving Michael Jackson the powerful anesthetic propofol and then leaving the bedroom. The doctor does not dispute this only confirmed fact so far. Finally, he left the room at the request of the deceased patient. In addition, the dosage administered could not have led to Jackson's death, according to Murray's lawyers. The defense lawyers argue that Michael Jackson himself may have taken an additional dose of the anesthetic to likely commit suicide. Prosecutors doubt that Jackson wanted to commit suicide. Finally, there are insufficient indications for this.

Jackson was dependent on medication for a long time Long before the rock star passed away, the personal doctor had given his patient the hypnotic for sleep disorders. However, the remedy is by no means designed as a sleep aid, but is only used for medical interventions in everyday surgery. According to numerous testimonies, Jackson had taken the drug for a long period of time, so there is a suspicion that it is not a possible overdose that is responsible for the death, but the length of time the anesthetic was taken.

Neglect of medical due diligence?
In addition, there are further indications that negligent killing and neglect of medical due diligence. According to the former bodyguard, the doctor had tried with one hand on the night of death to carry out a cardiac pressure massage to revive the collapsed patient. In addition, Jackson was on a soft mattress. According to the witness, Murry had tried with the other hand to collect the medication lying around, presumably to destroy evidence. In addition, the cardiologist waited more than 20 minutes after breathing was stopped until an ambulance was finally notified. At that point, any help was too late. (sb)

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