Naturopathy Practice for chronic diseases

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Naturopathic practice for chronic diseases Klaus Adolf Kreuzer
Our main focus is on chronic diseases (organ diseases). What is a chronic illness? Diseases that could not be cured or could not be cured adequately with the means of conventional medicine and therefore permanently lead to pain and / or consistently occurring illnesses. The spectrum of treatment ranges from the various disorders in the run-up to the actual illness, such as a drop in performance and loss of vitality, loss of drive, memory, poor concentration, the large number of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases and degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system and prophylaxis and aftercare of malignant diseases. The diagnosis is made with the help of eye diagnosis, clinical examination methods including anamnesis, bioelectronic functional diagnosis, reflexology and laboratory.

Naturopathic practice for chronic diseases Klaus Adolf Kreuzer
Gresaubacher Str. 19
Enamel 66839
Tel: 06887 6699
Email: [email protected]

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