Avoid back pain by sitting properly

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Avoid back pain by sitting correctly

Back pain is particularly common for people with office jobs. Constant sitting and working on the PC can quickly lead to significant back problems if the patient is in the wrong posture. The correct sitting posture is significantly influenced by the setting of the office chair, explains the Barmer GEK in a current announcement.

Correct adjustment of the office chair prevents back pain. To prevent back pain, the seat height of the office chair should be adjusted so that the upper arms hang down loosely and the forearms can form a horizontal line to the keyboard, the Barmer GEK Niedersachsen / Bremen recommends. In addition, the keyboard should be about five to ten centimeters away from the edge of the table so that the ball of the hand lies on it when writing, the experts explained.

Back complaints caused by working on the PC More and more people in Germany suffer from back complaints - around one in three Germans is affected by back pain today, according to health insurers - is largely influenced by the unfavorable posture of office jobs. Not all back problems can be attributed to working while sitting, but the office activities without appropriate physical compensation make a significant contribution. By choosing a suitable office chair and adjusting it correctly, possible back problems can be prevented relatively efficiently, explained the Barmer GEK. In addition, experts believe that a little exercise is advisable. Getting up short, stretching a bit and going to the coffee machine can be helpful here. According to the specialists, regular gymnastics and relaxation exercises at work would be even better to prevent long-term back problems.

Keep a distance from the monitor Since the eyes also suffer from working on the PC, the Barmer GEK recommends that the monitor be placed 45 to 60 centimeters away from the eyes. Screens from a size of 17 inches should ideally be positioned between 60 and 80 centimeters, the experts advise. (fp)

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