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The veterinary practitioner Eva Cau has been running an animal healing practice for Regensburg and the surrounding area since 2005. In her practice in Undorf near Regensburg, she treats dogs and cats with classic homeopathy, acupuncture, leech therapy and other naturopathic treatments in a quiet atmosphere. With her mobile practice, she also makes home visits and drives to the surrounding riding stables for treatment. Alternative medicine can help animals, especially when itching and allergies occur. It also offers a gentle alternative in the treatment of all acute and chronic diseases. Eva Cau works part-time as a lecturer for veterinary practitioners and veterinary professions at the ATM (Academy for Veterinary Medicine) and offers internships, workshops and seminars on veterinary topics. She is also a member of the Association of Resident Veterinary Practitioners (FNT e.V.).
Veterinary practice Eva Cau Max-Reger-Strasse 8
Undorf near Regensburg / 93152
Tel: 09404 - 96 36 60
Mail: [email protected]

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