Former patient stabs doctor in hospital

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Doctor in the Weilheim hospital stabbed to death by former patients

In the Weilheim hospital, a doctor was fatally injured by a former patient from a knife attack. Despite the emergency surgery that was initiated immediately, the doctor died shortly after the attack from the injuries sustained.

The shock is deep. Frightening scenes played out for the doctors, employees and patients of the Weilheim Clinic on Thursday morning at around 8.45 a.m. A 65-year-old man attacked his former doctor with wild knife stings and seriously injured the 47-year-old doctor in the chest area. Although an emergency operation was started immediately, the doctor succumbed to her serious injuries a few minutes after the fact, according to the Oberbayern Süd police headquarters in Rosenheim.

Patients carry out targeted knife attack against his former doctor The 65-year-old offender, who comes from the area around Weilheim in Upper Bavaria, specifically targeted his former doctor, no other people were attacked and after the fact, he was arrested without resistance by the police, a spokesman said of the police headquarters. There can be no question of a killing spree with indiscriminately determined victims, the spokesman for the presidium continues. So far, the investigators have not been able to clarify whether a dispute over the earlier treatment of the man was possibly the cause of the fatal knife attack in the hospital.

Escalating dispute between doctors and patients? The background of the crime is still unclear, the police said. However, it happens time and time again that the dispute between doctors and patients about the right treatment escalates. Especially when unforeseen developments arise and the measures used have no effect, this causes misunderstanding in many patients and triggers massive annoyance. The fact that those affected then take action against their doctor is more of a rare exception, but unfortunately it still happens too often in reality. (fp)

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