Inversion therapy after car accidents

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Fascia distortion model: inversion therapy after car accidents

At the international course of the fascia distortion model in Tokyo, Japan, a continuation of the idea in inversion therapy by Marjorie Kasten P.T. instead of. Today in Tokyo was all about the inversion tables and Invertracs, in which Marjorie Kasten instructed the participants.

With the Invertrac, the patient is turned upside down in the sitting position. Kasten recommends this type of inversion especially for complaints caused by car accidents, which are called folding distortions according to the Fascia Distortion Model (FDM). Back pain in the lower back in particular can be treated well according to the experience of Marjorie Kasten, who has specialized in the field of inversion therapy since 1997. Because the triggering force and position on the human organism, which is sitting in a car accident, must be reapplied for correction. However, Kasten points out that the therapy must be applied very specifically. For this purpose, anamnesis of FDM therapists should ask thorough questions about the background of those to be treated.

In addition to the therapeutic use of decompression, the FDM also knows how to treat with the help of compression. As a three-dimensional deformation of the fascia, the folding distortions are divided into two subtypes: folding-in distortions and unfolding-distortions.

According to Marjorie Kasten, upsetting activities are often the cause of the folds, which are referred to as re-folding in English. In addition to carrying tree trunks, roof tiles or steel girders on the shoulder, this also includes hard hits on the ground by skydivers or the bumps when driving snowmobiles or jet skis. Kasten pointed out to the participants in the course, who mainly include Japanese sports physiotherapists, that in most cases of fold-in there are clear-cut causes.

In the morning there were patient demonstrations by castes to back up the theoretical units, which very impressed the Japanese participants, since the variety of body touch in Japan is still quite unfamiliar to Japanese therapists. The patients also do not undress for the treatment, only the parts of the body to be treated are cleared for the treatment by pushing the clothes away.

Following the demonstrations, Marjorie Kasten introduced the participants to one-leg inversion techniques. “One-legged inversion” can be particularly helpful for complaints that prove to be persistent, such as fold distortions on the hips, asymmetries in the hips and pelvis and therapy-resistant complaints in the lower back. No aids are required for children's treatments. The children are grabbed by the ankles and rocked between the legs of the FDM therapist. The children see the whole thing as a game and not as therapy.

On the sidelines, the participants of the European delegation took advantage of the course, from Keisuke Tanaka, FDM O., also a direct student of Dr. Stephen Typaldos D.O. and President of the Asian FDM Association FAA to learn some technology variations in the treatment of folding distortions on the lower leg and lower back, which Tanaka once took over directly from the founder of the FDM.

The certificates were then distributed to the course participants by Keisuke Tanaka, Kohei Iwata, the Vice President of the FAA and Marjorie Kasten. The two Japanese officials and the Tokyo-based FDM therapist Junko Yamada from Ochanomizu Osteopathy thanked the Japanese guests with their sovereigns for their visit and they and some of the participants announced that they would be attending the International FDM Congress in August 2011 Vienna will see you again. (tf)

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