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Shingles on the ear

The shingles virus infection can also affect the human ear. Rapid treatment should be instituted to prevent chronic pain.

The shingles virus infection can also occur on the ear. To prevent chronic pain from occurring, the infection should be treated as quickly as possible by a specialist.

A so-called shingles (medical term: herpes zoster) is a viral disease that is externally recognizable by a streak-shaped rash with blisters on the affected parts of the body. The disease is very painful for patients and occurs especially in the elderly or in patients with a weakened immune system. Stress and special therapies can also trigger shingles. The disease usually occurs in the chest area. But the back, legs, eyes and ears can also be affected. In order to prevent chronic pain, a doctor should be contacted immediately if symptoms arise so that shingles can be treated as early as possible, advises Dr. Doris Hartwig-Bade, Vice President of the professional association of ear, nose and throat specialists in Germany.

The shingles is noticeable on the ear with a rash and numerous small blisters on the pinna and ear canal. The entire auditory organ is very sensitive to pain when touched. Otolaryngologists do not recommend opening the vesicles themselves as the infection can spread to other parts of the body as a result. If the disease is not treated in time, those affected face paralysis, hearing impairment and balance problems. If the shingles remains untreated, in the worst case, permanent hearing loss or deafness can result.

Antiviral drugs and pain relievers are available as treatments. In the course of therapy, additional healing ointments are used later. Sick people should also take care to avoid personal contact with pregnant women, since there is a particular risk of infection for the unborn child. A transmission can trigger a chickenpox infection and lead to developmental disorders in the child. (sb, 10.12.2010)

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