TV sets fire to burn in hospital

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TV sets fire to Bad Dürkheim hospital

An imploding television set off a scorching fire in the Bad Dürkheimer hospital (Rhineland-Palatinate), as a result of which several patients had to be transferred to other hospitals as a precaution. Fortunately, no one was injured.

After the television had imploded in one of the patient rooms and caused a smoldering fire with significant smoke development, the ward nurse reacted immediately, took the patients out of the room and alerted the fire brigade. This could quickly extinguish the braising fire, but the smoke development was so strong that the smoke spread through the ventilation system to the intensive care unit. As a precaution, 22 patients from the Evangelical Hospital were brought to safety on Saturday evening, including five patients from the intensive care unit.

For the time being, the patients could be accommodated in other hospitals and given medical care. Braised fires are particularly threatening for residents in hospitals and nursing homes, where many people are bedridden or have limited mobility. Because they cannot evade the strong smoke development on their own or leave the building, so the risk of smoke poisoning with correspondingly fatal health consequences is significantly increased. (fp, 06.12.2010)

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