AOK plus cancels merger

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AOK Plus (consisting of AOK Saxony and Thürungen has canceled the planned merger with AOK Hessen. The board of directors of AOK Plus has declared that the negotiations since the beginning of the year have ended. AOK Plus is therefore restricted to the federal states of Saxony and Thuringia. A large merger has burst.

The planned merger has failed: AOK Plus gives the reason that the general conditions have changed significantly in recent months. As a result, the goal of carrying out a merger "promptly" was not achieved. The health insurance company does not want to give any further information.

The planned merger would have created the fourth largest statutory health insurance company with a total of 4.2 million insured. Negotiations by the health insurers had already stalled in early November. At that time, the CEO of AOK plus, Viktor Bernecke, told a newspaper: "There are changed financial framework conditions that make development more difficult." The changed conditions, not explained in more detail, have apparently now also stopped the merger negotiations. However, one assumption is that, for example, the assumption of the pension burden of the AOK Hessen employees was under discussion. At the time, the cash register employees were treated almost as civil servants. A few weeks ago, Bernecker said these were amounts that “hit the bank”.

The merger of the two health insurers was planned a year ago. In the middle of this year, the board of directors of AOK Hessen and AOK plus Saxony-Thuringia decided at a top meeting to merge the two large AOK cash registers. The merger should be completed on January 1, 2011. The number of board members should remain the same and a new name had already been decided: "AOK plus - Die Gesundheitskasse". The proposed merger should also avoid additional contributions. In any case, both health insurers had explained this a few months ago. In addition, the merger could have reacted better to the respective economic situation. But now the middle of November came to an end due to “changed financial conditions.” It is not clear whether the talks will be resumed. There will be no merger for the time being. (Sb)

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