University Clinic Essen gives up agency worker model

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University Clinic Essen gives up agency worker model

After long years of arguments, the University Clinic Essen is giving up its own concept of a temporary agency (PSG). Trade unions and the university clinic had been arguing about the temporary agency system in the clinic for over five years. The service union "Ver.di" had repeatedly criticized that the temporary workers employed received on average a third less wages for the same job than the regular employees. So far, the clinic has been able to save costs with the internal model of temporary work and react flexibly to economic developments.

The chief executive Eckhard Nagel of the University Clinic Essen justified the cessation of temporary agency work because in the past there would have been constant tensions among the employees within the clinic. In addition, the concept of internal temporary agency work would have resulted in the clinic losing its image.

Clinic agency workers are taken over?
Apparently, everyone who was employed by the PSG agency was taken into regular employment. In any case, the comment of the ver.di regional head of health in NRW points in this direction. The trade unionist Sylvia Bühler commented: "For the 323 affected, this means the same wages for the same work". However, Bühler also warned the management of the clinic. You shouldn't start now and cut jobs. Otherwise there would be a risk of a “return carriage”. (sb, Nov 19, 2010)

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