Men's health report: Men are often depressed

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German men's health report: men suffer from depression more often and lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

(10/29/2010) Men generally live healthier than women: they drink more alcohol, smoke more and eat too one-sided and far too high in fat. This was the result of the "First German Men's Health Report", which was prepared and presented to the public by the Men's Health Foundation and the German Society for Men and Health and the German Health Insurance. In addition to genetic components, the lifestyle of men causes an average lower life expectancy than that of women.

Unhealthy lifestyle habits are brought up. Men have lived unhealthily for generations. Because the past life of the father is already internalized by the son. "Strong men" smoke a lot, eat hardly any vegetables - but drink more meat, drink a lot of alcohol and hardly ever go to the doctor. However, as the "First German Men's Health Report" stated, this non-healthy lifestyle is the reason why men are sicker than they want to admit. The cliché of the “strong gender” means that men neglect their health extremely. However, statistical evaluations show that men suffer a heart attack much more often, commit suicide about three times as often (suicide in depressed people) and suffer more and more from mental disorders such as depression. So you can tell that men are in a vicious cycle from which it is difficult to find their way out. Most unhealthy habits have been quasi socialized.

Psychic disorders often remain untreated in men. Psychological disorders in particular often remain untreated and the symptoms worsen as a result. Many men are afraid to admit that they have mental illness. Many think that they are laughed at by male friends or that they are considered "unmanly" by women. In fact, many then have to listen to "Now don't act like this" or "It can't all be that bad". Untreated depression, however, can lead to alcohol addiction, crime, illnesses like diabetes, lower life expectancy and, in the worst case, suicide.

Men always have to be "strong" and not show "weakness" Men are often asked in everyday life to solve problems in a targeted manner and not to show weakness. "Men are often designed to work," said Matthias Stiehler, co-author of the men's health report. "Above all, they should be strong and not cause any problems," continued Stiehler. Many men hold this view, which makes admitting a health problem all the worse. They see a mental disorder as a sign of weakness. According to the men's health report, the social view of men must change fundamentally so that they learn how to access their own health again. "Men, take your crises seriously! No matter whether they are psychological or physical in nature." this is the appeal of the Men's Health Foundation. Only those who live healthy can live longer.

Men have a much lower life expectancy According to surveys by the Federal Statistical Office, boys who have an average life expectancy between 2006 and 2008 of 77 years. A girl born in the same period has an average life expectancy of 82.5 years. Just one year of difference is genetic, the remaining years are caused by unhealthy lifestyle and social and cultural factors. Federal Minister of Family Affairs Kristina Schröder (CDU) said at the presentation of the men's report that a lot had already been done for girls and women. Now new framework conditions would have to be created so that men can live healthier lives. The first women's health report was published in 2001, the first men's health report only in 2010. Next summer 2011, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs plans to undertake a governmental study to shed more light on the men's health problem. (sb)

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