46 health insurances guaranteed without additional contribution

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46 health insurance companies want to get by in 2011 without an additional contribution. Another 33 health insurance companies want to at least try.

A total of 46 statutory health insurance companies have expressly excluded the possibility of requesting additional contributions from their insured in 2011. Another 33 health insurance companies try to get by without at least additional contributions, but do not want to make any commitments in their statements. There are a total of 160 health insurance companies in Germany. Around eleven million people are affected by additional contributions.

A mere 46 health insurers categorically ruled out the collection of additional contributions for 2011. The health insurance companies with no additional contribution include, for example, the large Techniker Krankenkasse or the grown AOK Rhineland / Hamburg. But even small health insurance companies like the company health insurance company SBK want to get by without additional contributions. The result was determined by the consumer portal "Krankenkassen.de". According to the results of the survey, a further 33 health insurance companies stated that they would try not to make flat-rate contributions for at least the 2011 financial year. Nevertheless, they did not want to make any promises, but first waited to see whether an additional contribution could be avoided. In the survey, however, only a total of 115 health insurance companies were surveyed, although there are 160 statutory insurers in Germany.

According to the health insurers surveyed, they can prevent additional contributions because the general contribution rate of the statutory health insurance will increase from 14.9 to 15.5 percent from January 1, 2011. The planned savings in the course of the health care reform would also help to ease the financial situation. According to health economists, a deficit in the health fund of around 11 billion euros is expected for 2011. The planned savings and the increase in the contribution rate can, however, largely fill the financial gap.

Around eleven million people are currently affected by the additional contributions. Around 16 health insurance companies are already charging an additional contribution. Since the introduction, most health insurers have had to contend with a large decline in membership. The German employee health insurance (DAK), the KKH alliance and the BKK Gesundheit were particularly affected by those wishing to change. BKK Gesundheit alone lost around 20 percent of its members. Due to the right of termination, many insured changed their health insurance. For this reason, such additional premiums are not particularly attractive for insurers. An estimated 2 million people have switched since then. Another hundreds of thousands refuse to pay additional contributions due to protest or ignorance.

If a health insurance company charges an additional contribution, members can exercise their special right of termination within two months of the corresponding announcement. The association "GVI" points out, however, that one should check beforehand exactly which health insurance company offers which health service and which health insurance fund may charge an additional contribution later. (sb, Oct 21, 2010)

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